How to clean your Jewellery

Clean your WG pieces with the right equipment and they’ll last a lifetime! Here’s how you should do it:

1: Dive your jewel in a bowl with soap and water. 🛁

2: Wait 5 seconds. 🕐

3: Rinse your piece with cold water & dry it gently with a towel. 💦

4: For the pearls: just wipe them gently with a damp towel. 🦪

5: You can also make your pieces even more shiny by using a silver polishing cloth.✨

To keep its beauty do not swim, bathe, or shower with it.

Steam bath, salt water, or humidity can degrade the enamel faster.

Clean your jewellery with a damp towel and please do not use chemicals on it.

Normal wear can make the gold fade and will depend on each skin and how often it is used and treated.

If banged against another object or dropped, the enamel can crack. Treat it like the precious piece that it is and it will last a lifetime.

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